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Project Overview


Provide users who are looking to move abroad a platform in which they can view several different counties visas (digital nomad, golden investment, etc.) that each counties offers to help them determine which country and visa is best for them and their families.

My Role

  • UX Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing


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Design Process

The design Process



While there are expat apps out there, they only focus on chatting with other expats; they don't provide information about available visa programs.


Giving the user information on the country and all the visas (permanent residency, student, etc.) that it has to offer, along with a checklist that they will be able to update while they are getting all the documents in order.

Competitive Analysis

Since there are apps in the market today in regards to chatting with other expats I decided to perform a competitive analysis to gain insight on how they use these apps. This helped me to understand what worked will for the existing apps and what I could also add in for the componet of getting info on the visa and creating a checklist.

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comptitive analysis info

User Stories

After analyzing the market and understanding my users problems and goals, 3 user stories were defined.

User Stories


User Flow

Based on the user stories I combined the task into a user flow to understand how the user would navigate through the application

User Flow


Once I had a user flow was created, I created a low fidelity sketch in Balsamiq.



Once I had a solid foundation from the low fidelity wireframes above, I created mid-fidelity wireframes in Sketch. In order to be in compliance with iOS and Material Design requirements I reviewed the guidelines of each and designed my screens accordingly.

iOS Wireframes

ios screens ios screens ios screens ios screens ios screens ios screens ios screens

Android Wireframes

android screens android screens android screens android screens android screens android screens android screens android screens

User Testing

Because user testing helps guide a succesfful design. I created a prototype using invsion and had prespective users test it out.

iOS Feedback

ios Feedback

User 1: I think the profile is a nice start, but likely could use some more content. Like "looking for", interests, or maybe something like an "ask me about..." etc

ios Feedback

User 3: I would add an image of Portugal on your country information screen, you are trying to sell the country to the user and just having text can cause disinterest.

User 1: The categories on the Portugal page feel a little odd (this is a very personal opinion), but having crypto policy there, but nothing about food, culture, religion, etc feels skewed to me. I think you might derive some category inspiration from a Wikipedia page about countries.

Android Feedback

android Feedback

User 2: The events page's tab on the Android version looks a bit difficult to see which tab I am currently on, as the "Feed" tab is not highlighted enough

android Feedback

User 3: If I’m marked as “Attending,” then I click “Edit RSVP,” why would I then be asked to select “attend event?”

User 2: Where the user is attending the event, the edit RSVP is too far to the left


Style Guide

The visual directions of Let’s Expat! is Clean, Simple and professional. With the look and feel of the brand defined, I created a style guide to maintain consistent UI throught the application


Color Palette

Color palette





Final Screens


A easy onboarding in which the user can include info for other expats



View all your Calendar events. Easy access to checklist to keep track


Get Info on Visas

Users can view all visas available in each country and get a checklist to start becoming an Expat.

visa info

Attend or Create Events

Be able to attend other events with expats or create your own event to help other connect

event screens

iOS Screens

ios Final Screens

Take Aways

While creating this app there are a few things that I would have done differently:

  • In the first sketches/wireframes I had messaging other expats in the app. However, I took that feature out after speaking with Expat’s since most do not like messaging others. I do believe this feature is still useful, but instead of reaching out to other expats I plan to add an area in which experts can offer assistance to those looking for assistance.
  • The last thing I would change is adding in more of the feedback from my user testing. I did not add all of the feedback in this iteration. Future iteration features can consider adding an ADD/CHANGE to the visa checklist. The current visa checklist is what comes from the country itself. Users though may have to add in extra things (e.i. adoption papers, pet papers or even medical paperwork.