Photography for Building Websites - Tips

I have never seen a website that does not have photographs. Photos improve your website appeal. You might be having a fancy e-commerce, however, images complement this even more. Images make your site to rank high on various search engines. Product photos make you sell more, and often strengthen client trust on your brand. However, not all images are good for an e-commerce; you need to check the quality of the image before posting it there. If the quality is low, the site’s credibility can be damages having a toll on your overall sales. They can be very expensive at times to buy, however, today, there are alternate websites where you can get licensed images for free to use for your site. However, here we will focus on how photography is used in building websites and give you free tips on how to make these photos work well for your e-commerce site.

1. Know the subject of the photo

Before getting free images from the sites that provide them, ensure that if it is a photo of humans or animals, their eyes are visible. People first look at the eyes in photographs, therefore desist from picking photos of people or animals whose eyes are not visible or are in a shadow. Again be sure to zoom in on the faces and get them tight on the subject more so for animals as viewers are interested on the subject on the frame. Finally, always go for photos or subjects that are in action as these brings them into the scene.

2. Know how well t photograph products

Ensure that product images stand out, whether you are acquiring the photos from other website or capturing the images yourself. Shoppers rely on photos to decide whether or not to make a purchase, therefore a clear product photo will serve you better. Be sure to zoom in on the product and then crop the image down to only the product that you are highlighting. Ensure the product is well lit because people only purchase a product if they can clearly view it. Have multiple angles of the product. This is sure to give your buyers more information about the product in question. They rely on this information to make purchasing decision, so unless you are not hiding any flaws of the product from your buyers, ensure you light it well. For more information on this matter, check https://burst.shopify.com/free-images.


3. Legal details

If the photos are for people and their faces are recognizable, then they need to have a model release. The model release of a photo prevents you from legal liabilities once you use the photo on your e-commerce shop. In some countries it is not right to take architecture photos without permission if they are in a publicly accessible land. This is right in others, therefore if you have taken such a photo, it is important to be versed on both your rights and those of the building’s owner before you have the photo published in your site.

4. Know what is at the image background

Before selecting the ideal photo, know what is on its background. Images with too much noise or clutter may be hard to look at. Make sure you have a good background from where you or your subject is standing. If necessary either of you may need to move to where you can get a good background and take the photo. Sometimes the background has more than just clutter or it is messy. Ensure that there are no other things in the frame that are likely to take away the focus of your subject. Also be wary of mirrors as they can make the photographer to also appear in the photo. If you are photographing products, ensure you do that on a white background as the background makes your image to stand out, as well as making shadows more effective.

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